The idea of this interview comes firstly from my curiosity, which I hope many of our readers share with me.
The DICHRO*TUNE™ system, used in various moving head projectors by Vari*Lite, is a sort of « separate » system in professional lighting, original and exclusive, with its specific patent.
Mr. Alessandro Fantin of audiolink (official Italian distributor for Vari*Lite products) showed me this technology for the first time, and it struck me so much that I collected some videos that have been summarized in this article.
I wanted to « go deeper » in the matter and I contacted the man who really has the right to talk about DICHRO*TUNE™: Mr. George Masek, product specialist of Vari*Lite.
In our minds, this article should be the first of a series, a sort of « focus on » where we talk about the topics that sound engineers, light designers and technicians have at heart…

Therefore, we kindly invite you to make suggestions via e-mail about the topics that could be included in this section. We will do our best to satisfy your requests
Here’s a shor video in which you can see the dimmering system and the mechanics of Dichro*Tune™ with comments by Alessandro Fantin.
The interview with George Masek, who unveiled something more about this Vari*Lite patent, will follow in a short time…

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