Focus on: D-Class

The first « Focus on » is dedicated to D-Class amplification technology, employed in the power amplifiers of the Italian company Powersoft and used by various sound reinforcement systems all over the world.
The need to clarify the basics of this technology comes from the willingness to understand how it works as much as possible and, most of all, to eliminate any ambiguities that often lead to identify it with the generic expression“digital amplification”.

Signal amplification by means of digital systems is nothing new, however the various systems and technologies available present their own peculiarities and differences that make two apparently identical products very different from each other. In this specific case, we will see how we cannot really speak of digital amplification when we talk about D-Class…
We will try to understand how this technology works directly from Luca Giorgi (in the photo) Sales Manager of Powersoft, highlighting its advantages and disatvantages (if any), related to other « traditional » technologies.

The interview will follow shortly.

The ZioGiorgio Staff

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