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The subscription to ZIOGIORGIO grants the access to the services provided by ZioGiorgio network. The subscription to ZIOGIORGIO or the use of one or more services on ZioGiorgio network, implies your acceptance of these General Terms of Contract. To the subscriber to ZIOGIORGIO (the subscriber) the following regulations of the law 22.5.1999 n. 185 can be applied on the protection of consumers as far as distance contracts are concerned, however considering that the service is free of charge. TERMS TO SUBSCRIBE TO ZIOGIORGIO AND TO USE OF THE SERVICES PROVIDED BY ZIOGIORGIO WEBSITE To be able to subscribe to ZIOGIORGIO, you are requested some personal data. Such data is processed following the regulations of the briefing under Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 ("law on privacy"). By accepting the General Terms of Contract, the Subscriber declares that the data about him/herself is correct and true. The Subscriber will not utilize any of the services offered by NRG30 srl to distribute, treat or produce racist, xenophobe material or anything connected to nazism or fascism. NRG30 srl will be able to suspend the provision of any services and cancel the subscription to ZIOGIORGIO at any given time and with no previous warning. This will especially take place in the following cases: 1) When the Subscriber uses the ZioGiorgio network for illegal aims or to transmit or exchange illegal, inconvenient, slanderous or defamatory material or anything that harms others' privacy, that is unauthorized, menacing, harmful, scurrilous, obscene or indecent or that violates, or may violate rights of intellectual or industrial property or other rights of third parties. 2) When the Subscriber uses the Services to transmit or exchange viruses, chain messages, or to send unauthorized or mass-distributed mail. 3) When the Subscriber violates the particular terms of one or more Services to which he has adhered to through the ZioGiorgio network. GENERAL TERMS OF CONTRACT AND MODIFICATIONS THEREOF The Subscriber explicitly authorizes NRG30 srl to send to his/her e-mail address, also through a link to the specific pages of ZioGiorgio network, the following general terms, any particular conditions and, if any, all the following changes that constitute the necessary information to provide the Services. The Subscriber will have to print and store these general terms and the following changes, if any. The continuous use of the Services on behalf of the Subscriber will confirm his/her own will to adhere to these general terms, to any particular conditions and any modifications thereof. The subscription to ZIOGIORGIO lasts indefinitely, but depends on the right of the Subscriber to back out of ZIOGIORGIO at any moment, by sending an e-mail to the address [email protected] and by personally modifying/erasing his/her own data from ZIOGIORGIO. Now and then, NRG30 srl may change the general terms of contract about the ZioGiorgio network and the subscriptions to ZIOGIORGIO. The Subscriber will be able to back out from ZIOGIORGIO in case he/she does not accept the new terms of the Services, according to the previously mentioned procedures. The continuous use of the Services will confirm the Subscriber's will to adhere to the new terms of Service, it being understood that NRG30 srl may cancel the Subscriber from ZIOGIORGIO in case of missing explicit acceptance of the new general terms of contract. The Subscriber explicitly authorizes NRG30 srl and the advertiser companies to send advertising communications or free promotional materials to the e-mail address entered in the ZIOGIORGIO subscription form. The Subscriber explicitly authorizes NRG30 srl to use the data entered in the ZIOGIORGIO subscription form to compile directories open to the public or to ZIOGIORGIO subscribers only, it being understood that the Subscriber may cancel his/her subscription at any moment, by sending an e-mail to the address [email protected] and by personally modifying/erasing his/her own data from ZIOGIORGIO. SUBSCRIPTION, PASSWORD AND SAFETY OF THE SUBSCRIBER The Subscriber is responsible for the secrecy of his/her password and user name. Besides, the Subscriber is responsible for his/her activity inside ZioGiorgio network and will relieve NRG30 srl from any claims or menaces about or deriving the authorized or unauthorized use of his/her own participation to the services provided by the ZioGiorgio network and/or any other services managed by NRG30 srl. The Subscriber must immediately signal NRG30 srl to the e-mail address [email protected] any unauthorized use of his/her own user name and/or password or any other violations of safety. The Subscriber may change his/her password at any time by following the instructions given by the system. WARRANTY EXCLUSIONS The Subscriber explicitly agrees that the use of the Services is at his/her exclusive risk. The Services are provided "as they are" and "how they are available". NRG30 srl does not offer any warranty that the Services correspond to the requisites asked by the Subscriber, or that they are discontinued, convenient, safe or without errors; besides, NRG30 srl does not offer any warranty about the results that are expected or obtained by using the Services. LIMITATION OF RESPONSIBILITY NRG30 srl declines any responsibilities for any claims of the Subscriber about the impossibility to use the Services for any reason. NRG30 srl is not responsible for the Subscriber\'s harm, claims or losses, direct or indirect, coming from the missing and/or imperfect functioning of the electronic equipment of the Subscriber of of third parties, including Internet Service Providers, telephone and/or telematic connections services not directly managed by NRG30 srl or by people for whom NRG30 srl is responsible. NRG30 srl will not be considered defaulting to its duties nor responsible for any harms coming from the missing provision of the Services because of the wrong or missing functioning of the electronic means of communication due to causes that are outside its foreseeable control, including, as an example, fires, natural disasters, energy shortage unavailability of telephone lines or of other network services providers, malfunctions of computers and other electronic devices, also not connected to the Internet, malfunction of the Subscriber's software, and due to actions performed by other users or other people that have access to the net. PROHIBITION TO RESELL OR TO MAKE COMMERCIAL USE OF THE SERVICES The Subscriber's right to use the service is personal. The Subscriber agrees not to resell or make any other commercial use of the Services without the written consent of NRG30 srl. RESPONSIBILITY RELIEF By subscribing to ZIOGIORGIO and by using the services offered by ZioGiorgio network, the Subscriber accepts to use the Services for legal purposes only, that are allowed by the existing law regulations, by uses and customs, by the rules of diligence, without harming the rights of third parties, may they be users of the site or not, and being particularly careful about the regulations on the protection of data and on telecommunications. The Subscriber is the sole responsible for the content of the messages and texts sent by him/herself or with his/her name to third parties through the Services, recognising his/her sole responsibility and relieving NRG30 srl from any claims of harm or compensation and refunding NRG30 srl of any costs coming from claims or actions by third parties for damages or harms caused by the Subscriber or by people authorized by the Subscriber to access the Services. 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